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Ages 9-18, all youth are cast

Did you miss the chance to be a part of our first Zoomsical? Or are you in our first Zoomsical and want more?! Join us for our next Zoomsical, our revival of the US Premiere of Thumbelina! European Creative Team of Lyricist Maxine Gallagher and Composer Chris Seed are generously donating back their royalties to MTA so we can bring Thumbelina to you!

We are thrilled to be able to hold virtual auditions for our next Zoomsical, Thumbelina! MTA performed the US Premiere in 2012 and we can't wait to revive this gorgeous musical!

Thumbelina is a sung-through musical based on the classic Hans Christian Anderson fairytale. Told through the eyes of a swallow, Thumbelina is the story of a tiny girl who is lost in a big world. She goes through many scary adventures while searching for people like her. She overcomes them all, growing braver throughout the story and eventually finds her people, the flower angels, and discovers that they've been looking for her too. The writers wanted to create a positive tale that shows it is possible to find your own way in the world, if you don't give up. And they wanted to tell it through beautiful music, heartfelt lyrics, touches of humor and the potential for spectacular imagery.

Thumbelina is presented through special arrangement by the generosity of Lyricist Maxine Gallagher and Composer Chris Seed.

MTA's Jackie Hammond and Jessy Kishbaugh on a Zoom planning call with
Lyricist Maxine Gallagher, Composer Chris Seed and Agent Sarah Heney

Audition Information:

Audition videos to be submitted via email with a YouTube link, DropBox, or video attachment by Monday, May 18th. After tuition has been paid, please submit your audition video to along with the completed documents listed below.

The audition video should be a musical theatre song (or any song they are comfortable with), 16-32 bars or one minute in length.

After you send in your video, the Production Stage Manager may send you materials to learn and be submitted for a Callback. You will be contacted if we need you to submit anything additional.

Please fill out the following paperwork:
Audition Form
Conflict Calendar
Performer Contract (once per season)


Rehearsals will begin on Wednesday, May 20th and will be conducted online via Zoom. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be created around the performers' availability.


Two "Live" Performances on Friday, June 5th, 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. plus a watch party on Sunday, June 7th at 2:00 p.m.

Production Staff

Jackie Hammond - Producer/Vocal Director

Jessica Kishbaugh - Director/Production Stage Manager

Tuition & Fees

The tuition fee for this production is $125 for youth ages 9-18. 10% sibling discount. Sibling discount on 2nd registration will be refunded via PayPal within 24 hours of payment received.

Please note that Thumbelina is not included in the Tuition Rewards Program.

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Character Descriptions:

Swallow/Narrator: The narrator. A kind, caring bird who befriends Thumbelina and rescues her from Mr Mole and Mrs Fieldmouse. She wants to take care of Thumbelina. She takes her to a place where she knows she'll find her own people and encourages her to go off on her own. Extensive vocal range.

Thumbelina: The main protagonist. She's very young and na´ve to begin with, reacting to the events around her, but grows throughout as she overcomes many difficult challenges, and discovers her own will, learns how to be brave and eventually finds love. She first wants to find adventure, but most of all she wants to find people like her. Extensive vocal range.

Old Woman: An old lady who wants a daughter simply to have someone to keep her company in her old age. She then keeps her captive, with complete disregard for Thumbelina's dreams. She appears to be sweet but shows sudden flashes of her true, mean nature. Solo singing.

Witch: A wicked one, solo singing.

Mrs Toad: A big, brassy, New York broad. She's only concerned about her beloved son and is blind to how hideous he really is. Big belter with a good range.

Mrs Toad's Son: Molly-coddled by his mother. Has to have a great, "croooooak". Comedic timing.

Butterfly: A baby, just emerged from the cocoon. Sweet, young, excited about discovering the world. We had envisioned a little boy but could also be female. Extensive vocal range.

Monsieur Maybug: French, very camp, flappy-armed, high-pitched, buzzy, excitable, wimpy insect. Always does his dominating wife's bidding. Comedic timing, solo singing.

Madame Maybug: A large, revolting, French insect. She can't stand her weak husband. Comedic timing, solo singing.

Mrs Fieldmouse: She's a prim busybody; a high-pitched, fast-talker. She keeps herself busy cleaning even when there's nothing to clean. She's a snob and cares only about herself and feeding her 15 children. She secretly fancies Mr Mole. Solo singing.

Mr Mole: Pompous. Humours Mrs Fieldmouse only because she's a great cook. Selfish, uncaring. Comedic timing, solo singing.

Prince of the Flowers: The handsome prince. Falls in love at first sight with Thumbelina. He is the first character (apart from the butterfly) in the show that actually respects her wishes and loves her for who she really is. Solo singing.

Toadettes: Sing in three-part harmony, comedic timing.

Field Mice and Flower Angels: Sing in harmony and Dance.

Below are clips from MTA's 2012 U.S. Premiere of Thumbelina.