Something Beautiful

Ages 9-18, all youth are cast

Stella, the spider wants to do Something Beautiful, and not just be a spider, but different, like a honeybee! And maybe instead of just an ordinary web spin, something like the George Washington Bridge! Aiming high! And she will never give up! Join Stella and all of the wonderful characters on this fabulous journey!

Something Beautiful is presented through special arrangement by the generosity of Joe Bousard, Composer and Lyricist.

Audition Information:

Audition videos to be submitted via email with a YouTube link, DropBox, or video attachment by Monday, April 27th. After tuition has been paid, please submit your audition video to along with the completed Performer Contract, performer's name, age, and best email address and phone number for communication. Please also include any conflicts you may have with online, Zoom rehearsals Monday - Friday after 2:00p.m. and Saturday.

The audition video should be a musical theatre song (or any song they are comfortable with), 16-32 bars or one minute in length.


Rehearsals will begin on Wednesday, April 29th and will be conducted online via Zoom. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be created around the performers' availability.


Saturday, May 16th at 7:00 p.m.

Production Staff

Joe Bousard

Jackie Hammond

Shana Rebilas

Jessica Kishbaugh

Tuition & Fees

The tuition fee for this production is $100 for youth ages 9-18. 10% sibling discount. Sibling discount on 2nd registration will be refunded via PayPal within 24 hours of payment received.

Please note that Something Beautiful is not included in the Tuition Rewards Program.

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Character Descriptions:

Stella: Full of creativity and a need to be who she is away from all the usual things that 'spiders' do..
Charlie: The Queen Bee's Minister, Nervous, wants to help Stella but doesn't know quite how.
Ronald: A typical spider. He wants everything as it is and as it has always been and plays up to Stella's Mother.
Queen Bee: A typical 'diva' who know she is in control.
Mother: Always trying to get her daughter to do the 'right' thing—her way. She loves her daughter but really does not understand her.
Caterpillar: Crazy, over the top character who likes who he is.
Harry: A gentle, loving, and rather quiet wasp, until he bursts forth with his feelings. Also wants something more than the usual.
The Praying Mantis (Guru): Very much the leader of his group. Likes to be in control, and has not a clue as to what anything is---but thinks he has all the answers.
Dragonflies, Ants, Ladybugs: All part of the Praying Mantis group. Quirky characters!
Bees: All servants of the Queen Bee. They all adore her and are obedient to her every command.